Proof that God has a sense of humor

So I am not going to lie...the most dreaded calling in the church for me is scouts.  I have no boys and I don't know how to do all those boy things....and I detest those scouting uniforms the leaders wear.  I joke with Matt that if I ever got called to scouts I would leave the church..

Well a couple of weeks ago Matt and I got called in to meet with the 2nd councilor.  Now I am one of those weirdos that really like callings and I want to be put to being in a new ward I was jazzed about having a calling that i could meet other people.  So when he called me to be the Webelos leader I could not believe it, I thought it was a joke...but he assured me it was not a joke and I just sat there.  The counselor looked so nervous like he thought I was going to punch him in the face.

On the way home Matt asked me how I was feeling.  I compared my feeling to having played varsity baskteball then getting moved down to the C-team. I just did not want to do this calling. 

Well my first den meeting went ok...I lost control of them towards the end and they pretty much just walked out the door to go play in the gym and left me sitting there like a complete failure.  So this week I went to our den meeting like a prisoner just doing their time.  But something happened that I did not excpect.  I actualley started enjoying being around those little stinkers and they have just kind of grown on me.  Never in a million years would I have thought that I would enjoy this calling, but to be honest I am starting to enjoy it!

So it is true that Heavenly Father knows us, our fears, our likes and dislikes and he knows when it is time to get us out of our comfort zones.  So I will embrace my calling as a Webelos leader and stop pouting about it....although there is no way that I will be adorning a ugly yellow mans shirt with plaid scarf and badges anytime soon!


Lucrecia Mouser said...

As a former Cub Scouts leader I know what you mean. Some meetings were exhausting but others were so fun. My oldest son is now a Boy Scout and I've watched him and some of his friends grow up through the scouting program. Seeing the wonderful young men they are becoming makes me happy that I was able to be a small part of their youth. One day you will see one of these boys all grown up and I think you will feel the same :) Good luck with your scouting journey!
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