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Sewing Avery's Costume

So I know I have a lot of pictures on here of Avery and Halloween but this year I actually went out of my way to make Avery's costume. This turned into a bigger project then I had planned. I tend to look at something and say...ohh I could totally make that and save us some money. I forget all the time and effort it takes to make your own stuff. Plus sewing does not come naturally to me. Some moms are really good at sewing and I am just not one of those mom's. I get bored with reading the patterns because I don't understand half of what the directions say...then I end up having to re-do it anyway because I did not read the directions. Anyway the point of my story is that I spent way to much time on this costume for it only to be worn once! I even made her Gryffindor patch which I will not tell you how long that took me to make. I could have very easily ordered it off Oh well! Avery had a good time and that is all that matters.


More pictures of Avery's costume.

This is Reece's grandma. She is such a cute gal. She came to the trunk or treat dressed up as a clown. Now talk about a cool grandma.

Trick or Treat Friends

Avery and little Reece....the picture is blurry but the girls were so cute and had such a good time together.
Princes Morgan
Cute little cousins.

Avery in her Hogwarts Uniform

My cute little Hermione....she had such a blast!


"Expectopatronum"....Avery is practicing her spells. She was Hermione off Harry Potter for Halloween. She had a wand and carried a cauldron to put her candy in. She was pretty dang cute.

Zina Birthday

I don't know what it is about girls and screaming.....but it happens all the time. They look like they are in a horror movie.
It's not a party unless you stick the party toys in your ear.
My cute sister.
Avery can't wait to help Zina rip into those presents
Ahhh cute girls.

The Family

Kurt has been getting a lot of hugs lately.....hopefully he has gotten used to it.
In Kurt's photos on the mission he was always doing these peace just my little imitation of my bro...I don't look as cool as he does doing it...oh well.
What a bunch of goof balls!
My awesome family!
The whole gang together.

Nothing like coming home...

Mom and I just cooking....we all came home to see Kurt. It was the first time we have had the whole family together in years!
My little stud of a brother.
My cute boys!
My cute Mama!
Just hanging around with the family. Good times!


Kurt got back from his mission from Mexico. It was so fun to see him....he is still the fun easy going guy he used to be. (the picture of me is really funky looking....I tried using photo shop to remove a chunk of hair that was in my face...I think it just made me look weird...oh well) We love you Kurt!
Avery loved having him home. She calls him "Turdy" because she can't really say his name very good yet.
This is how he got off the camera died right after this picture so this is the only one I got.


This summer we golfed as much as we could. It was really a lot of fun. We would take Avery after Matt got off of work and we would golf till it was dark. She loved driving the cart and finding pink golf balls with her Daddy. We got her a little set of clubs because every time we went into the club house she would run over to a little pink golf bag with titelist clubs and say that they were her's. She wanted them so bad but she settled for these little plastic clubs.
That is the face I make after I hit a good shot.
Showing off her awesome driver!
The best part about golf for Avery was that she had all this wonderful grass to run around on.

Photo Shoot

Well I am finally getting around to update my blog. There are a ton of pictures on here so you will have to go back to the older posts if you want to check them out. These were some pictures I took of Avery and her cousin Zina. We went to Utah with my mom and my grandma to go visit my brother Jared and his family. They just had a new addition to their family little Elsie. It was so much fun and Elsie is the perfect baby....not to mention adorable. While she was getting her newborn pictures taken I took the girls outside to have their own photo shoot.
Little Elsie. While I was there I made her some cute little little girl should be without:)
The girls loved having Great Grandma Butler read to them.

It was all fun and games till Zina said " Avery hold still so I can cut your head off." After that I thought she still might be holding a grudge from when Avery stole her red sword.

This didn't come in clear but it cracks me up. The girls were screaming at every car that went by.

Photo shoot