Avery.....and the "Tales of the Silliest Girl I Know"

So this is just a documentation of how long Avery's hair is getting. I am planning on setting up a day where both she and I will go to get our hair cut. I don't want to cut too much off hers.....because I love her long hair...I just want us to have a fun girls day...and I think she would have a blast getting pretty at the "Sun Shack".....that's where I get my hair cut:)
So I thought I would write down this little story about Avery. For those of you who know her, she is a pretty silly girl. She is always doing things and saying things...that crack me up. Well Avery is being potty trained and she is pretty good and rarely has accidents. She loves being a big girl and wearing her panties. Matt and I have tried really hard at giving her positive reinforcement when she goes potty. Well yesterday I was getting ready to go to a meeting and I had to run to the bathroom. Of course Avery followed me in. She heard me going "potty" and got a big smile on her face and said, "Mommy you did it! I am so proud of you! High Five!" Then she proceeded to give me a high five. Then she asked me, "Mommy you need me to wipe you?" I told her thanks but I could do it on my own. She then said, "alright but if you need my help let me know." Then she gave me a big hug and asked if I needed help pulling up my panties.

It is funny how your kids tend to emulate the things you say and do. At age two she understands giving compliments and how to make her mommy smile. We were eating dinner the other day and she takes a bite of her taco and says "yummy food mama....high five!" Then she gave me a high five and a headbutt....because that is what Matt has taught her. You give a high five, rocks, and then a headbutt. It is kind of silly and probably something she should not do around smaller children...for their safety.....but it's Matt's and her I just let it go.......and hope that some parent doesn't call me saying she gave their kid a concussion in nursery because she headbutted them.


So I had to make a temple for our primary bulletin board. This was my last project and I think I am done for awhile. This is the Rexburg temple by the way....My goal was that it would at least kind of resembled a temple...I put the Angel Moroni on top so maybe that will help the kids recognize what it is.


This Christmas break I found myself with a little more time then usual. It was nice to have a little break from I started on some projects. For Avery's room I redid her dresser. I saw a friend had redid her daughters dresser and posted the pictures on her blog and I loved how she did it so I tried was a fun little project....although the pictures didn't really turn out that well. I found the wooden letters at the thrift store and I painted them to kind of match her dresser.

While we were snowed in on Christmas day I made Avery a little skirt to go with her new tights that Santa brought her. She loves to wear her skirt and tights....she asks to wear it every day.


Santa brought Avery this desk. She was pretty excited about it and she loved to sit at her desk and draw.

Avery loved opening presents and she was so excited that Santa would bring her all these little treasures. Out of all her presents her favorites were the gum and chap stick she got in her stocking! This made me realize that sometimes the simplest and smallest things are the best.
We were not very good about taking pictures this Christmas but we really had a great time. We were planning on going to Gooding Christmas day to be with my family...but we got snowed in so we battled the weather the next day and made the trip. We had a great time seeing my family and Avery loved having her Aunt's around to give her lots of attention.

Matt's Buck

Matt finally got his buck.....well sort of. It was actually hit by a car first and he saw it on the side of the rode he did what any good citizen would....he called the fish and game and got permission to shoot it. The cars that were driving by slowed down to see why this crazy guy was by the rode with his gun.....probably thought he was one of those crazy terrorists:) Anyway Matt got it all cut up and gave the meat away and was hoping he would get to keep the horns .....but after all his hard work the fish and game called him and told him he couldn't keep the horns....oh well:)

Ryan's Wedding

Matt's cousin Ryan got married and Avery loved helping clean up. Her veil was part of the decorations and she put it on her head and pretended she was a little bride. She would walk around the gym really slow and wave at people as they walked by....pretty cute.