I am going "insane"

Insanity Workout

Just started a new workout program called Insanity. After 6 months of P90x I was not seeing the results I had hoped for...and the routine was feeling a little old. So my friend and I decided we would switch gears and try this more cardio based series. So far we have done one week and it a good kicks my butt...I am literally drenched in sweat after a workout. I am hoping it will help me reach my goal..... to look like a hot black guy with ripped abs...just kidding.....I am just hoping to get in better shape.

5 years old

I can't believe I have a five year old. She is getting so big it is hard to remember all her cute baby stages. This last week seemed like a big step for us. We had her birthday, she started tee ball, and we had to sign her up for kindergarten. She was so excited when she found out she would be eating school lunch and getting her own locker. I was excited when I found out they were offering full day kindergarten!
I over dosed on cake this week. Cake and frosting is my Achilles hill...I love much that sometimes I get that weird urge to just...smash my face in it...ya I know... that sounds a little disturbed.
"Holy Crap....a bike"

Avery got a bike for her birthday from Gma and Gpa Berry. She loves it...every morning she goes out to check on it. Our friends gave her a little bell and every morning I hear her ringing that little bell. Now if it would quit snowing we could go out and ride.