Avery and I were just hanging out in the morning and found a blue sucker in my we shared it. Our lips and tongues were instantly turned blue.

Avery's Hobbies

I made a playhouse for Avery out of an old box and she loves to sit in it and pretend to read.

When Avery is not reading she is knocking back the hard stuff or pretending to anyway. I think she got that can out of the garbage.
Ya...those are Care Bear know you want a pair...


Matt and I went fishing this spring with his Dad. Matt caught the biggest fish...but I caught the most!

Softball Wives Club

These are the lovely ladies that join me every week to watch our hubbies play ball. Well we say we are coming to watch them but really it is to hang out with the girls, that's why we let the boys play.


Head Shots

We killed time by taking pictures on Jenni's computer. We got to laughing so hard at some of these pictures it was a riot.
Ahhh.....Sisters....Sisters...I love my sister....come on Jenni you know the song!
Sometimes our beauty really is only skin deep.
Who you calling big mouth?

Jenni had a little bit of a head cold.
A dramatic moment.

Hanging with Jenni

We ate at a lot of fun different restaurants. My favorite was this Moroccan restaurant. They served a seven course meal and you had to eat it with your fingers.
Jenni and Steph were in charge of a swing dance activity. They taught us all to swing dance.

Checking out the local art.
Playing a bit of chess with the locals.....or pretending to anyway.

Jenni and I also ate at a yummy Thia restaurant.

Seattle Pictures OurTea Party with Steph

Jenni and I went to her friend Stephenie's house for a little tea and crackers. We spent the afternoon enjoying the view from her beautiful house. We also went for a little walk down to the beach. I was walking along and saw this slug...I had never seen them before because...they are not to common in the desert among the sage I took a picture of one for my future posterity....who will probably never see one until they leave Idaho.
This is one of those deep in thought moments like.....I wonder why there is a diaper floating in the water?