Avery and Morgan

Grandma Great's visit


Trick or Treat

My gang all dressed up! Matt even dressed you can't guess what he dressed up as. Just in case you are wondering...that is not his real hair...just a wig....Avery thought it was pretty cool to have her dad dressed up too. He drove her around town and took her door to door and it was pretty cute to watch.
My little lady bug....I made this costume for Avery when she was a baby and it was fun to be able to pull it out and use it again.

Halloween Accessories

No Tinker Bell costume is complete without a little lady bug......
Avery showing off her wand and her "gorgeous flower " as she calls it.....she has been using the word gorgeous a lot lately. I decided to make these little accessories last minute to add to her costume....she loved playing with the wand.

Tinker Bell

This year Avery wanted to be Tinker Bell for Halloween. We found these cute wings and slippers at the dollar store (our favorite store) she felt pretty special wearing them.

Unfortunately it is freezing cold up here during Halloween time and most years we have snow so I had to come up with a way to winterize Avery's costume. Originally I wanted her to wear a leotard with her tutu and just plain tights but that would have been freezing so I found an old shirt of mine...the one pictured below and we dissected it into leggings, a skirt and a shirt for Avery's costume.