Halloween and Hailey's Birthday

So my baby turned one on the 22nd.....and we had a big combined birthday party with her cousin Morgan. We invited the family to all come for a fun little Halloween party. There were games...spooky food and funny costumes. The picture above is Hailey in her Red Queen Halloween costume. She had her first real experience with trick or treating. Her wig took the longest time to did not help that she kept pulling out the red yarn, leaving bald spots:)
Now you may be wondering .....where are the pictures of Avery in her Halloween costume.....well there are none because she decided not to go this year. is what I have learned.......I love Halloween...probably more then my 4 year old and I think I might make it a bigger deal then it should be. The next thing I learned is not to make her costumes. I made her an Alice costume and it took forever...because I had to re-draw the pattern so that it would fit her. She did not want to be Alice and refused to wear it.

Halloween night we got her all dressed up and then when we went to do her hair.......she turned into the exorcist and started screaming and pulling on her hair. So we allowed her to change back into her clothes and stay home with the grandparents to help pass out candy. She was perfectly fine with that option. I on the other hand was livid. What kid does not want to go trick or treating.....dress up in a silly costume and get lots of just does not make sense. I am seriously wondering if I need to put her in therapy....just kidding....although it does cross my mind....every time she throws a tantrum.
These were all the cuties that attended the birthday party. Matt's aunt Ginni has the best costumes for her kids....they are a riot.
Morgan and Hailey by there cake. Morgan was the cutest little bumble bee and she went around the whole night pretending to sting people.
This was the birthday cake I made. It was kind of an experiment and I wanted to do more with the fondant I had made...but ran out of time. Although it did not turn out how I wanted the cake and icing tasted really good. I found some really yummy recipes.....I think I have a little crush on moist chocolate is hard for me to resist.

Our Halloween costumes this year were from Alice in Wonderland. Hailey was the red queen and Avery was Alice.
Hailey and Morgan opening presents.......unfortunately for Hailey any of her new toys were quickly claimed by she was left with just the new clothes.

This was the only picture I could get of Avery in her costume. She decided she did not like her costume and refused to wear it. What a party pooper!


Tetonia Centennial

For our town cenntenial celebration we had a parade and a picnic. While I helped Matt with his city council duties....Avery took advantage of playing with all the local kids. She loves the swings.....
This is about the age where a little crack is still cute......apparently it is not cute when your older because whenever my pants slip.....Avery says "oh gross mom I can see your bum crack." ......and then she giggles ....

Uhm sassy?

So the highlight of the celebration was the pie contest. Matt was worried that no one had entered so I threw one together that morning. After the pies were judged the winning pies were taken up front to be auctioned off. My poor pie just sat there...left abandoned on the table with a few other "loser" pies. I tried not to let it bother me...but this was the first time my food was being judged. So I went up and grabbed my pie and sat down ...alone on a bench.....wondering where I went wrong. So I taste tested it and it tasted good to me....the others pies must have been i watched the winners go up and get there big ribbons. Then it came to the grand champion pie and they could not find it. Matt came and grabbed my pie....after I had just stuck my finger in it to taste it and they announced my pie as the grand champion. It was kind of nerdy but I was totally excited....I tried to play it cool when they presented me with my big ribbon and my hundred dollar prize...but I was pretty pleased. The judged even told me that after they tried it they had to sneak a second piece. Then it got auctioned off for 50 dollars.....I just did not tell the buyer that I had stuck my finger in the pie....I didn't want to ruin the moment:)

Tetonia Centenial

Cannibal baby....
The baby was ditched in order to hoard the candy.
And the award for the most redneck float goes to....."Dave's Pub".......our local bar
It was a fun little parade..... in a 100 years the town population has expanded to a whopping..... 250.