Get a Room!!!

So after a long drive back from Salmon on Saturday we walked into our house and Avery sat at the kitchen table eating some food while Matt brought in all the bags. When I had brought in all the bags I then walked toward the kitchen where Amie met me and I gave her a big squeeze and popped her back at the same time. After doing that I gave her a kiss and another hug and looked at Avery while hugging Amie and Avery looking back at me and rolling her eyes says, "Get a room!" I am not sure where she heard that one but needless to say it cracked us up!


Under Construction

I have been making some fun changes to my house lately.....thanks to my family and their many talents. My kitchen and both bathrooms got a whole family came up and helped me with all these projects. I can't thank them enough and I could never have done it without them, they are awesome. So hopefully soon I will post some pictures of the before and after shots:)


Avery and I went to Gooding for the week to visit my family. It was during fair time so there was a big parade that we took the girls to. It was fun to watch the girls chase after the candy that was being thrown. They really got into it.

Avery stopped participating though after the State Farm bear walked by. She has a fear of mascots so she sat on Lara's lap and told Zina to run out and get the candy while she held the candy bag.....nice startegy....have someone else get all the goods for you:)

This is Avery with our neighbor, he lives right next door to us and Avery loves to go visit him. He had no children of his own so Avery is kind of like his adopted granddaughter. This picture was taken on his 85th birthday.


Baby Names

So we are having a hard time coming up with names for this baby. With Avery I just knew that should be her name but with this baby I am at a total here are some of my ideas.....let me know which one's you folks like the best or leave some suggestions.....your help would be greatly appreciated.

-Alley or Alli

That's all I have been able to come up with!


The Zoo

Feeding the "animals"
I took Avery to the zoo for the first time and she loved it....especially the monkeys. We joined up with my friend Genn and a few of her friends and their kids. Avery was the oldest all the other children were 2 or under so she was really feeling like a big girl.
Trying to get them to hold still for a group photo was pretty much impossible.
Avery loved the monkeys...they were her favorite thing about the zoo. I enjoyed watching them as well until they decided to go "animal kingdom" on us and then I got a little worried that I would have to have the "birds and the bees" talk with my 3 year old. Luckily for me she excepted my explanation when she asked what they were doing.....I told her they were just wrestling. When she got home she told everyone how she went to the zoo and saw silly monkeys wrestling.:)

My Little Entrepreneurs

Avery, Sam and Morgan find the best ways to keep themselves far this summer they have had dance parties, they had their own garage sell....with fake money, they gathered up some of Avery's toys and had me come and buy them. They also set up their own beauty/massage shop. I was treated to a nice foot massage...pedicure included...thanks to Sam....she found out my feet are ticklish and took full advantage of making me squirm. The girls have also spent some time in the kitchen helping me make some delicious treats from cup cakes to doughnuts.....But their most successful venture was their lemonade stand. I think they made a $1.75 each....they had some generous customers.

It is too bad we live in a town of 200 people.....the odds of a successful lemonade stand were not in their favor......

The best thing about cooking treats is getting to like the bowl!

Sunday Nap

This is usually how we spend our Sunday afternoons......I only wish Avery would nap the other days of the week.

Going Crazy

I took Avery shopping for a little girls outing in Idaho Falls we had a great time but it took all day and on the drive home I was exhausted. Avery is in the stage where she asks a million questions and sometimes it gets to be too much.....we where half way home when she asks....

"Mom where are we going?" (this was probably the 5th time she had asked that question)

My response.."Where do you think I am going?"

"Ohhh I know....your going crazy....right mom?"

"Yep I'm going crazy."

I think she has heard that line a few times.

2009 Softball Champions

Summer softball champions 2009

Yes it is another Matt Post

This is the bull I shot last week thanks to a good friend Chad Williams and his Dad, Jerry. What a great hunt.....thanks for all the help and I am glad my hunting is over for the year! That is Elk hunting anyways!