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Hailey's 50's Diner Party

This was the first year that Hailey got to invite friends to her birthday party.  We decorated the house like a diner from the 50's and Hailey and Avery got to wear their poodle skirts.

 When these little cuties arrived they all got little makeovers and their pictures taken, although some of them were a little apprehensive about wearing the makeup..."uhmm I can't wear makeup, my mom does not let me."  One of our little guest was not interested in doing the girly instead she played downstairs most of the time....who could blame her really she had a whole toy room to herself.
 We played games, drank special root beers, opened gift bags, and then we let them order their food.  Our special at the Berry Diner was hamburgers and hot dogs with a side of fries.
 Avery played the waitress and the entertainment.  She rocked out to our 50's music.
 Jessica also played entertainment and had a go at the air guitar.
 The girls were all so cute in their sunglasses!

 Trying to finish up lunch before they could order dessert.
 For dessert they all got special milkshakes made from an old fashion milkshake machine...topped with whip cream, sprinkles and a cherry on top.
 Then it was present time.  After this experience I realized a few things.  1. 4 years old still might be to young for birthday parties....especially when it came to the presents.  I had given them gifts bags so that they would feel special too, but it was still kind of hard to see Hailey getting all the fun presents that they had brought. 2. No matter how much you wont go as planed so be prepared to improvise.  We had planned some activities that were instantly shot down by our decisive 4 year olds.

All in all it really was a good time and I couldn't adore these little girls more.  They are all so cute and sweet and we are so lucky to be able to live so close to these girls.

Hailey's 4th Birthday

Hailey's Birthday Cupcakes we made for her preschool class.  This year her birthday theme was a 50's diner we made some cupcakes that looked like soda shop sundaes.

 After school we took the girls to the pumpkin patch to pick out their pumpkins.  It was our first time actually going to a pumpkin patch and the girls loved being able to hand pick their own pumpkins.

 The girls found some kittens and in Mattie instantly played the roll of mother.  She tried to hold the Kitty like a baby and when it started to whine she would pat it on the back and say "shh shh you ok baby."  I felt bad for the cat...the more it wiggled the tighter she held on and in no time she had that poor little thing in a choke hold.

 Later that night we went out to eat at our favorite restaurant Dixies Diner.  We thought it would be fit right along with our 50's diner theme.  The girls were so excited when they saw our waitress in a poodle skirt, since that is what they are wearing for Halloween.

 Present time back at the house....this little girls loves to paint and draw...and her Auntie Jess gave Hailey her very own paints.
 Avery gave her a pretend phone from the dollar store that seemed to be the highlight of her gifts that night.
 We got her a new bed spread in hopes that it would encourage her to stop wetting the bed.  No luck yet, she has already peed on it.  So if anyone has any good advice on how to get children to stop wetting the bed i would love to hear it!

 Somehow the party turned into a competition.  Josh is certifying to be a cross fit trainer so we get to hear about his workouts...... a Jessica trying to one up him challenged him to a yoga competition...who could balance the longest.
Then the competition turned to one handed push ups where clearly Mattie is dominating!


Lacey's Softball Pictures

 Lacey's Softball pictures...thought I would post she can get a sneak peek.