Teton Girls Going to STATE!!!!!

This year I have been helping coach the Teton girls varsity basketball. I have loved it so much!!!! These girls are great! We have had a long season. With a season of close games. We ended up getting second in our district. We barely beat Shelley.....who were the State Champs last year. In the last few seconds they fouled Laurel....our pressure player and she swished both foul shots. There was not enough time left for Shelly to get a shot off. Then we played Sugar for the district championship. We were expected to get killed....but we ended loosing only by 6 points. Sugar will most likely be the State champs of our district.....they are good!

So then we had to play a play off game with Marsh Valley to see who would go to state. It was such a close game....and our girls struggled the whole game....making it closer then it should have been. We were tied with 8 seconds to go and our girls played great defense. Our girls trapped them on the inbound and they had to make a risky pass. Laurel tipped it away and then with 1.4 seconds left she got control of the ball and threw up an unbalanced sideways shot.....and she swished it! It was amazing the crowd flooded the floor in excitement. After this game I am pretty sure I have terminal heart failure. It was just way too close and there were a few moments where I thought our dream of state was crushed.

This is the first time our girls have gone to state in 13 years! We will head off to Boise on Wednesday and our first game is against Kimberly on Thursday.

The Danger of Naps

So a few weeks ago I was feeling pretty sick. But since Mom's don't get sick days I just had to get through it. I also happened to be watching Matt's cousin Morgan, who loves to follow Avery around and is the object of her torment. Anway...this particular morning they seemed to be getting along great and since they had been playing in Avery's room I thought it would be safe enough to lay down for a few minutes. Well fifteen minutes later these two girls come running into my room giggling and soaked from the waist down.

My first thought was that they had been playing with the sink....but as I walked into the bathroom I didn't hear any water running....but as I stepped in my socks became completely soaked. I looked at the toilet which was overflowing. Apparently the girls had unrolled a whole role of toilet paper and tried to flush it down the toilet. The whole floor was soaked....including floor mats and clothes that were on the floor along with chunks of wet toilet paper that had escaped the toilet. Now toilet water I can handle....but wet toilet paper I cannot. I have this strange phobia of wet toilet paper....it grosses me out.....so with my flooded bathroom, my toilet water soaked girls, and my phobia of wet toilet paper.....I decided that a 15 minute nap was not worth this.

Avery's First Real Haircut

Avery and I had a girls day and went to get our hair done. She watched me get mine highlighted and laughed at how silly I looked. When it was her turn to step up into the chair she freaked out. She cried and kept trying to jump out off the chair. So I had to hold her....which made things pretty difficult. Needless to say I had to fix her hair when we came home. But we did end up talking 2-3 inches of. So the experience did not turn out the way I thought it would....I guess I will be cutting her hair till she is old enough to realize that cutting your hair off doesn't really hurt.