Birthday Fun

Someone secretly wanted to wear the princess tiara....
The cousins....
more cousins....
all the cousins.....Avery loved having them all come.....she loves playing with her cousins!

Trying out the bubbles!

More Birthday Pics

Avery showing of her scented bubbles!
My mom sent Avery a photo of the Nelson clan and she was so excited when she opened it up. She showed all her cousins and started naming off people in the was pretty cute.
Josh got Avery a pink baseball glove and ball. She loved it!
We also got Avery a basketball hoop....she was practicing some pretty sweet dunks. The kids got some skills:)

Birthday Cake

So this was my first attempt at trying to make a cool birthday cake. I kind of went with an Oreo theme, so the cake was like a giant Oreo cookie with Oreo filling inside. The cupcakes were also filled with Oreo and cream cheese. They turned out pretty good....I especially liked the middle:)

Avery Jumping into the Pool

This is a video clip of Avery jumping into the pool with her cousin Samantha. Unfortunately Avery has no fear of the water. There were a few times when she jumped into the water...hit the bottom and pushed herself up to the top. I love that she enjoys swimming I think that is something she inherited from me....but it does scare me a little. We all got out of the pool to go eat and she was right by my side eating her carrot. A few minutes later a woman came to our table and said " is that your little girl in the pool?" Instantly I panicked having been a lifeguard for many years those are words I hoped I would never hear. I looked down at the end of the pool and sure enough Avery was sitting on the steps in the pool just playing. The crazy thing is that getting into the pool is kind of difficult. The pool has a fence around it and to get into the pool you have to go past the gate where you pay to get in...go down a hallway turn into the dressing room and wind your way through the room out into the main pool entrance. It seemed like something a two year old wouldn't be able to do in just a manner of a few minutes. But of course Avery figured a way out to do it. She is really independent and has no fear of anything....except teenage boys...which is fine I hope that keeps up for another 15 years. I was going to post another video of her playing in the pool. She was drinking the water and going up to strangers and just talking to them. I think I am going to have my hands full for the next few years.....or more like the next 15.

Avery's Birthday at Green Canyon

Avery showing off her new swimming suit!

Avery turned two on the 26th and we went over to Green Canyon to have an afternoon of fun. We played in the pool, roasted hot dogs, and of course opened presents.

Snow in April...Figures!

I still have some snow drifts on my lawn that have not melted yet. There are other drifts in our valley that are along the side of the road and they are taller then our car!:(
April has not been the warmest month...wind, snow and rain.....I was really looking forward to nice spring weather because we have had an awful winter. But seeing the snow fall in April put me over the edge. I am officially sick of snow! I want to see green again! So after this snowfall I was seriously considering putting out a personal add to anyone who lives in a warm climate and wants a roommate. Now I know why my older neighbors would go to Arizona for the winter.



Avery wanted to show off her belly.... and showing Lara what not to do at the Prom!
Then she wanted to find Lara's belly....I also think she was curious as to what made Lara's dress so poofy.
Smelling the pretty flowers

Lara and her charming date

Pretty Girls

Avery received some hair stuff as a present for he birthday and thought that she needed to wear them all at once!
This weekend was also my little sister Lara's prom. Avery had a ball with Lara. She loved that it was dress up time.

Avery had a hard time giving up the camera time to Lara so she decided they would share the photo shoot.

Avery's Party with the Nelsons

Avery really enjoyed ripping into her presents and making sure we were all watching her.
I am not sure what was funnier...Avery opening her presents and saying, "look mommy WOW!"....or my grandma watching an intense episode of Dateline.
or how Avery gave all of her presents to great grandpa after she was done playing with them.
She sat on his lap and showed him all of her presents then insisted he read to her the new book she got.
My mom got Avery some fun music to listen so they thought it would be fun to try it out. They went in the kitchen cranked up the music and danced around. It was so cute I wish I would of got it on video. Not long after Avery's great grandma came in and joined the fun. It was so great watching all three of them being silly and dancing. They know how to throw a party!

Avery's Pre-Birthday Party

We went to Gooding this last weekend and spent some time with my family. While we were there my family gave Avery a little birthday party since they will probably not be able to spend her real birthday with her. She had a great time and she knew that the party was just for her.
She even knew how to blow the candles out! It was so fun seeing her so excited.
She will be well rehearsed by the time her birthday comes on the 26th.