Ok so i really do hate posting pictures of myself. My kids and Matt are so much cuter and interesting but I thought I would document this milestone. My whole life I have never been happy with my weight and after having two kids...I hate my weight. Throughout my life I have always made goals to loose weight but now i am finally doing it.

So I realized that I can not live like many other women. I can not have a baby and then just magically be at a good weight again. I will have to exercise and diet my whole life. So a few months ago my good friend and I started working out...and we do P90X six days a week.

So far I have lost almost twenty pounds...and I have about 25 more to go...but it is a start and I am finally changing my lifestyle. So loosing the weight has been great and I really hope to loose a lot more...but best of all I have been happier and felt healthier. I have also gained a great friend...which is probably one of the best gifts of all.


My little cuties

Avery loves to have her picture taken.....the kid loves the camera....
Yeah she clearly gets her attitude from her dad.
I swear this is what we have to do after every meal. Hailey has to feed herself and she is constantly messy. Just to prove again that she really is my child....this girl loves chocolate...I mean she loves it. She is a picky eater but she will eat anything with chocolate on it....which happens to be all over her face in this picture. her mom loves shoes. She loves to prance around the house in any shoe she finds laying around. Most people probably do not know I have a secret love for shoes. Although my collection is smaller then I would like due to my budget ...and my freakishly large feet...hopefully my girls will not inherit this. But I love to see all the new styles and have seriously contemplated cutting off my toes just so I could fit into a normal size:)

When do we go sledding?

My favorite time to go sledding....spring. Ya we have winter about 6 months out of the year....and I absolutely hate the cold. So when it kind of starts to warm up I let the girls go out and play.
Avery loves the snow....which is great...snow is fun for kids.....well most kids.
Hailey is definitely my child...she was not digging the cold and the sledding.
My cute little bundle...who did not like being bundled up at all. She hated being in that snow suit.

Valnetines Day

Ya i know this post is way old...but I thought I would add it anyway. So I love to has become a fun hobby and challenge. So instead of going out to eat on V-day Matt and i just had a quiet evening at home. But instead of buying him chocolates....I mad him his favorite....cake pops...or in this case cake bites. They are delicious morsels of cake and chocolate and icing....and pretty much just pure goodness.

For dessert....creme of Matt's favorites.
Steak with an herb infused butter, garlic mashed potatoes and roasted asparagus. It was pretty yummy and a lot cheaper then going out. The only bad have to do the dishes:)

My Girls

So the last few years I have been coaching high school girls basketball and this year it seemed to really consume me. I am the JV coach and I love it. I had some great girls but we had a lot of work to do. Unfortunatley my girls got to this high school level without being taught a lot of the basic fundamentals.....I worked them over and was constantly pushing them and they improved and really became disciplined. One of my highlights was when we came back from a thirty point deficit at half time to barley loose by two too South Fremont. Although it is crappy pay and stressful.... I love my job.
My little team. We started with eight but mid way through the season my starting point guard was moved to varsity team adapted and we made it through with seven girls.....some games we only had five due to sickness and foul trouble.
My biggest fans. Matt and the girls were at almost all of are games cheering us on. Matt is so supportive during the season and puts up with a lot. The late nights discussing the games or how to improve my team.....driving to all the games....packing the girls around....dealing with my stress....he was a champ through it all. Matt was such a big support in so many ways....he always had my back especially when we were stuck with crappy refs. Even from the top of the bleachers i could hear him cussing out the refs.
My girls decked out in their Teton gear. Win or loose Avery always said "Mommy you did great I am so proud of you." Ahhh pretty cute.
So this picture is to document me actually sitting in my seat. I usually stand most of the game and pace....and yell....:)


Our little Family

One of my favorite times of the day is... well when my kids are asleep. I know that sounds bad but I love just having a litttle peace and quiet. Latley Matt has been working like crazy....we rarley see him and when he comes home he eats and sleeps. The other day I asked him to hold Hailey while I get a few things done...and this is what I found.....
I love my childrens faces when they sleep...all cute and innocent.....even though moments before they were screaming and getting into things...or leaving me little presents in the bathtub. Ya Hailey just did that to me the other day....It was the first time I had to clean a nasty out of the bathtub....I didn't handle it very well. I almost puked.
Hailey loves her baby dolls which is really cute....what is not so cute is when she tries to poke out their eyes....oh well I am sure that is normal....Right?
Having winter for 5-6 months out of the year can be very depressing....especially when my kids keep getting sick. So we have to mix things up and find fun things we can do in the house...because going out and playing in a blizzard is not an option. So we occasionally build tents and of course watch lots of movies.
Avery's kitty is a hit with the girls. Hailey loves it and goes crazy when she sees him. Avery has changed the cats name about 20 times but I think we are finally settled on rascal. By the way this cat is not tame and it scares me when the girls want to pet it. But it still climbs on to our roof...and the other day I was trying to get Hailey to eat her lunch, but she was so distracted. She kept laughing and pointing at the ceiling. It took me awhile to realize the cat was looking down at us through the sky light. Our very own peeping tom:)

Update on the girls

What is it like having two girls you may ask..........uhmmm lots of screaming. Avery loves being a big sister and although she may seem cute and girly....she loves to wrestle....and Hailey just happens to be the perfect victim. She loves to torment her.....and although Hailey is learning to stand up for herself I just want a day without.....screaming.
Avery modeling one of her Christmas outfit. She loves having her picture taken....especially if we are taking pictures of Hailey.

More wrestling = more screaming.
Ohh our little Hailey....she is almost 17 months old and a very unique child. She loves to cuddle and when Avery is not messing with her she rarely makes a peep. When she is not sick or teething (she is getting eight teeth in right now...not fun) she wanders around the house or plays with toys. When she doesn't feel good she is a monster and wants to be held every second. She is also a picky eater and wont eat anything but noodles, rice or treats.

Hailey loves to watch people and observe. She has been that way since she was born and she knows just what faces to make or things to do to get you to laugh. She is very tender hearted and when I tell her "no" she gets very upset. I think she will easier to discipline then Avery though. :)