Back to school...back to school...

 Well after a long summer it is that time second most favorite time of year.  It is back to school time! So like every mom...we had to have the first day photo shoot. It felt so different sending Avery off to school this time.  There were not piggy tails or cartoon backpacks.  There was no need for me to walk her to her class.  This time it felt like my girl has grown up.
 Hailey the photo bomber....she was very annoyed that she could not leave for school at the same time Avery got to.  All morning she would ask, "is it time now mom?"......5 minutes later, "is it time now mom!? Finally I made her take her back pack off and put a cartoon on to distract her until finally it was her turn to leave.

 Hailey for some reason does not like getting her picture taking...or maybe it is being told what to do...these were just a few of the pictures I could get her to hold still for and smile.
 "Uhmm are we done yet?"
 Me..."Hailey try and be cute....make a cute face." Hailey: "Oh a kitty face...kitty faces are so cute!"
 "Yah I get my mom all to myself for a whole two hours!"
 I can only wonder what Mattie was thinking in this photo.  Her face is very she is plotting something.
 Goodbye kisses...these girls are good buddies...when they are not pulling each others hair out.
 Best Buddies!  Our little Shae Shae.  She is Hailey's best buddy and they get to go to preschool together this year.
Pretty much the cutest girls on the block!!!