No More Bath's

So Avery has never really liked bath's. She doesn't like to get the water in her face and ears. So lately I have let her take showers with me. She just plays in the tub while I shower and then it is her turn. She loves to plug the tub and pretend she is swimming in the water. Well now she loves taking showers! She pushes me out of the way so she can stand under the warm water. She has become a shower hog! So now I let her shower alone and she does a great job. She washes her hair...I have to put the shampoo on....I even caught her trying to shave in the shower. (Reminder: put razor where she can't reach it.) You know your 19 month old is growing up when they are taking showers. She is also becoming particular about her clothes. She hates her sleeves to be pushed up and her pants have to be below her belly button. She is also sleeping in her big girl bed. It seems like all of the sudden she has turned into a big girl!


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Hunting Fun

This was th Elk that I guided my buddy John Schriever to on the 18th of October. We hunted for four days and were into the elk three of the four days. On the first day we had 70 head of elk out in front of us with bulls bugling like crazy and then 2 guys walked through the field and scared them out of the country. The second day we spooked a nice 6 point into another hunter. Then finally on the fourth day there was a smaller heard of about 30 that ran out in front of us and John shot this guy on the dead run at 284 yards! Not too Shabby.