Is it really almost July?

 I love this time of finally feels like summer!!  We are headed to have an early 4th of July celebration at Huntsman I thought it would be fun to have a little patriotic breakfast.
 So I made star shapped red, white, and blue pancakes.  When I was growing up I have found memories of pancakes.  My grandpa used ot make them for us...and he used to make Mickey Mouse Pancakes.  They were so special!!! Many times when he took us to the ranch house to fish he would make his specialty.... pan fried fish...that we caught and Mickey Mouse pancakes. So now with my girls I will make them Mickey Mouse pancakes on special occasions.
To make the pancakes I made up my batter and then spooned it into a mustard squeeze bottle that I picked up at the dollar store.  I clipped the tip off to make it bigger and then drew my star pancakes on my hot griddle.  Then Avery decided I should add some sprinkles to the pancakes...then we added some yummy syrup, berries, home made whip cream and more sprinkles to the top.  There ya have it a 4th of July pancake.


The House

 Finally we broke ground on the has been a bumpy road and very stressful.  Matt and I are really learning a lot...and I am learning to trust my decisions.  It is so hard picking out all the details but hopefully it will all come together and the house will look good.

Matt has been helping out with the concrete.  Our basement floors will be stained concrete and they cut the design in it yesterday....I am excited to see how it turns out.

               Is it weird that lately I have been feeling like a shabby know what I am talking about.  Those cats that are just so ugly you wouldn't want to come 10 feet of it.  I was in the grocery store yesterday and saw the main article in the magazine was about beautiful celebrities and their post baby bodies.  I could not help but think my picture on that magazine would be more like this cat.  Now I am not trying to get sympathy or  trying to throw a pity party...I just can't help thinking their are others out there that may feel the same way. 

Sadly my hair has been falling out like crazy and has really thinned....making it really hard to do anything with....why does this even happen after pregnancy?...Like our bodies haven't been through enough!  Not to mention my baby weight does not go away till after I am done breast feeding...if it goes away at needless to say I have 4 outfits that fit and shopping for clothes at the moment is miserable.

I wish they would make a real magazine about real women with real topics...not topics like how to throw a great cocktail party, or the perfect red carpet hair, or the best beach bodies of the season.  I want topics to deal with your thinning hair, how to love your stretch marks,how to find a shoe in a size 12:) The people on the magazine would be real...imperfect people.  That is the type of magazine I want...but sadly this would probably never sale....which is too bad....because I would love to know where to find a size 12 shoe:)


Fathers Day

 I just have to post a little about Matt.  I know it is way past Fathers Day....but like everything in my life I am way behind.  Matt is an awesome Dad.  His girls love him....especially Hailey...she is a huge daddy's girl.  Matt has had to put up with a lot having 4 girls in the house.  He is very adapting...he has had to learn how to put up with a lot of girl things...dress up being one of them.  The girls love to dress him up and then on the other hand they love to wrestle with him. 
Their favorite part of the day is when daddy comes home...they scream and jump on him and shower him with love...which is hard to have happen when your exhausted from working all day, but he puts up with it well.  With his work schedule he has had to work long hours and has still managed to be there for his girls.  He was Avery's T-ball coach...he attended all her school activities and with his extra time he plays with the girls....he is teaching them how to play golf.:) 

Getting My Bake On

 This is my super chocolate is yummy and moist and gets a 10 on the chocolate craving scale.  It is chocolate cake with chocolate mouse filling, chocolate butter cream icing with chocolate ganache on top.....on top of it is a chocolate topper.  I made this for Matt's Aunts birthday who was turning thirty something.
 These were the treats Avery requested for her T-ball team.  She wanted me to make cupcakes so I thought I would add little chocolate T-balls to add as a fun decoration.

This was Matt's request for fathers day.  It is a White Raspberry Cheeescake with a chocolate crust, raspberry jam on top and decorated with white chocolate shavings and whip cream.  The center of the cheesecake is decorated with white chocolate roses...but it is hard to tell on this picture.
 For Matt's dad Ron....the girls decided we should make him a pie...he loves pie...or pretty much anything sweet.  So we went with my Dad's famous Banana Cream Pie...only I added my own twist to it...and I have to say it is a new favorite.
 Ward Party treats...The theme was red white and blue so we decided to make these fun cupcakes.  Matt's cousin came over and helped make them with me.  She is 12 and starting to get interested in baking so I thought this would be a fun .  They are topped with a vanilla butter cream and a chocolate star. 


Three Musketeers

Having three girls I have noticed a lot of similarities between them...and a lot of differences.  Avery has really taken to her big sister roll and when she wants to be she is such great help.  She loves to read and loves to stay active.  She can't sit and just watch a movie...she has to draw or get up and do something else.  She is a great little artist and has really turned into a good little athlete.  She loves t-ball and is now getting into golf. 
Mattie is my love of now she is just so long as she has someone to hang out with.  She rarely cries and has been sleeping through the night since two months.   She is not the best napper during the day, some days she wont really even nap....that can be a little frustrating.  She really is a happy kid and smiles all the time.
Hailey is my character.  She is sassy, sarcastic, bossy, and hilarious.  She is also a tough kid...her big eyes make me melt and at two years old she already knows how to manipulate me. Also lately she loves being naked...I can not keep clothes on this child.

Playing Catchup

 It has been a busy last few months around here so I thought I would play a little catch up and post some things Avery has been up to.  her school had an end of the year play and her class were farmers.  The play was pretty cute and entertaining full of singing, suspense, cute little actors and best of all...adorable little kindergarteners.
 Avery has also been busy spoiling our little Mattie.  Avery has a habit of kissing all over Mattie's cheeks.
 For school the kids had to dress up as a vocabulary word.  She picked the word she went as a perfume bottle.  Her hat is the spray cap and the rest is the bottle.  Her best buddy was dressed up as the word silly.
 Field Day...Avery did great and got a ribbon in every event...I was so proud...she is turning into a little athlete:)
 Kindergarten Graduation....I can't believe she is 6 years old!!!  She is getting so big...and so is bitter sweet.
All smiles on graduation day.