From the Mouth of Avery

Avery is known for saying funny things.....or whatever is on her mind and sometimes she just cracks me here are a few things she has said lately that I thought I would share.

Instead of saying "Mom can you do my a favor," she says "can you do me a favorite"

Instead of saying you hurt my feelings...she says..."you hurt my faults"

The other day she yelled "Hailey is crying....she needs to eat your boobs."

One night we were having dinner and she kept saying that she wanted to do the juice thing....I didn't understand what she was saying. She said "you know the thing where you tap your cups together and then say juice." "Ohh you mean cheers," I said "you say cheers and then tap your cups together." She looked at me and then rolled her eyes..."No mom you say juice not cheers, cheers is when you are at a game and yell GO Team GO, Go Fight Win!"


My girls

My Girls

Little jumpers....these were given to the girls by my grandma and I love them....Avery loves her lady bug dress!
Avery's new hat...she loves it because I have one that is similar...she is a funny girl.

Christmas Morning

My favorite Christmas present!
Avery has been into dressing up so I got her a dress up box with lots of clothes she can pretend in.
Modeling her apron.
We invited our dear neighbor Mr. Barney over for Christmas morning. He lives alone and has no family so having him in our house was really special and added to our Christmas morning.
Avery was giving him some wonderful smiles.....he is so thoughtful of our girls and made sure to get them some Christmas presents. Avery loved the little tea set he got her.

Christmas Photos

Christmas pajamas or peejamas as Avery calls them.
Another little smile
Jess came home for the Christmas vacation and Avery loved having someone to spend time with. They even had slumber parties and painted nails and played was fun to have her home.
So with our family it takes about 15 pictures to get a semi-good picture......mostly because Avery can't sit still long enough to get her picture taken.

Christmas Elf

This year I decided to make a lot of our Christmas gifts. It started out really fun but then with everything else going on in my life it got a little stressful when it was Christmas Eve and I wasn't done with everything. So here are just a few of the projects I made. This top picture is a scarf I made for my sister including a headband and necklace. This picture turned out bad...but you get the idea.
A reversible apron I made for Avery to go with her play dough oven set.
A fairy outfit for my niece.
Another fairy outfit for one of Avery's Erickson cousins.

Other projects included......more necklaces, a purse, rice bags, sugar scrub, dress up dresses, outfits for the girls, and a blanket and crayon roll for Avery....honestly looking back I don't know how I got it all finished:)

Litte Miss

So I had to post a picture of how chubby Hailey is getting....I love it...she is so cuddly. Except for in this photo...she does not like getting dressed.

Little Miss Hailey is such a smiley baby but it is so hard to catch her smile on camera.