No More Bath's

So Avery has never really liked bath's. She doesn't like to get the water in her face and ears. So lately I have let her take showers with me. She just plays in the tub while I shower and then it is her turn. She loves to plug the tub and pretend she is swimming in the water. Well now she loves taking showers! She pushes me out of the way so she can stand under the warm water. She has become a shower hog! So now I let her shower alone and she does a great job. She washes her hair...I have to put the shampoo on....I even caught her trying to shave in the shower. (Reminder: put razor where she can't reach it.) You know your 19 month old is growing up when they are taking showers. She is also becoming particular about her clothes. She hates her sleeves to be pushed up and her pants have to be below her belly button. She is also sleeping in her big girl bed. It seems like all of the sudden she has turned into a big girl!


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Hunting Fun

This was th Elk that I guided my buddy John Schriever to on the 18th of October. We hunted for four days and were into the elk three of the four days. On the first day we had 70 head of elk out in front of us with bulls bugling like crazy and then 2 guys walked through the field and scared them out of the country. The second day we spooked a nice 6 point into another hunter. Then finally on the fourth day there was a smaller heard of about 30 that ran out in front of us and John shot this guy on the dead run at 284 yards! Not too Shabby.


Silly Little Girl

As a parent I notice that some days my kid is just so cute and perfect and other days she makes me want to never have anymore kids (it's harsh...but honest). This was one of those perfect days...there was no screaming and no tantrums.....and I thought maybe she had grown out of them and was going to be my easy going kid again, just like when she was a baby...But the next day she reminded me that she was a toddler and that the screaming just comes with the package. Having a toddler is so interesting. She has so much personality and a mind of her own....and discipling is a hard task.....especially when I am trying to show Avery that I am mad and what she did was a "Big No No." She responds to me by looking up at me and puckering her lips and trying to give me a kiss and then to top it off she says...."luv you mamma." So I guess I have learned that parenting is much harder then I expected it to be...but it is the little moments like this that make it all worth it.

More Halloween

Avery and Grandma. Avery was still a little upset with me because I took her candy away from her. She kept choking on Dots and I had to fish them out of her throat I decided to confiscate the hazardous candy...which did not make her happy.

This Halloween Avery found her new love....candy! I usually don't feed her candy is messy and because if I buy it...I don't have the self control to not eat it we usually avoid it...also I fear that a candy addiction runs in her blood...I think it may be passed down from her Grandpa Berry.

Avery got to go trick or treating with her cousin Samantha this Halloween and they had a great time. They went as little china girls and Samantha was so helpful. She took good care of Avery. I got a good laugh watching Avery trick or treating. She would grab the candy out of the bowl and say thank you...and then she would grab some more...."thank you"....and then she would try for some more when I would have to intervene and drag her back to the car.

Candy and Pumpkins

Avery didn't understand that the candy was supposed to go in the pumpkin bag. As people put candy in her bag she would pull it right out and want to eat it. Or she would just dump her bag on the ground and I would have to put the candy back in...which made her mad....
Little china doll!

Helping daddy light the pumpkins. After he would light them she wanted to blow them out....

Trick or Treat

This was Avery's first Halloween that she was able to go trick or treating. I was so excited for her and she really didn't even know what was going on. I had to hold her down to get her makeup on and she did not like that at all.


Avery's Pumpkin...of course she didn't actually carve it but...she did eat a handful of pumpkin guts...ya know the fleshy stuff that you scrape out....I thought she was going to puke after she put it in her mouth. We had a good time.
Matt's pumpkin! This was the first Halloween that we have carved pumpkins together and to be honest I was a little surprised at Matt's carving skills and I am not sure who had the most fun.
My tree it was supposed to say happy Halloween at the top in the branches but it was hard to read and didn't turn out as planned. But it was still really fun to do.

State Cross Country

We went down to Idaho Falls to watch my sister Lara run at state cross country. This was a pretty new experience for Matt and Avery. Watching a cross country meet it not like watching any other sporting event. In order to watch the race you have to run around to different sports to cheer on the runners. If you stay in one spot you miss the whole race. Avery loved the running around...but I think it tuckered out Matt a little bit.


Big Girl

Grandpa Nelson made this rocking horse for Avery and she loves to sit on it and play. It's the only think in our living room made out of quality wood. :)

So hunting season has come around again....and it has consumed our family. Matt has been all about hunting this year. He was out scouting those elk even before the season opened. One day I mentioned to him....because I was feeling a little neglected....I said we should go on a date and spend a little time together. The next night Matt loaded us up and took us out for a night on the town. We drove up to his hunting spot...climbed through the sage brush and bugled for elk. The scenery was pretty.....but I was thinking more dinner and a movie. Avery loved it. From then on she would go around the house pretending to bugle. Once hunting season ends I'm sure things will slow down at our house.....hopefully.
Avery loved our little coffee table. She loves to climb up on it and dance. We put on a little music and she dances around on the table. It is pretty cute but makes me a little nervous on her future career choices. Just as long as she gets this out of her system at a young age.:)

Call Me....

You know times have changed when your kids favorite toy is the cell phone. Avery loves to take the cell phone and just talk. When I was a kid I had one of those fake playschool phones to pretend on...they never actually could call anyone...but Avery can call, text, or even check her email....not that she knows how or we would let her but....I'm just saying things have changed.

Samantha & Avery

Avery and Samantha had a great time hanging out this fall after school when Sam would come over to play until Eric or Susan could come pick her up.

Where are your bottoms?

Avery and Amie were invited out to the Sandbar in St. Anthony this summer and they had a blast. Avery barely fit into her suit as you can tell but that is the only time that it is cute to not fit into your suit , right?