The apple does not fall far from the tree....

Having kids you never really think how much they turn out just like always hope they are better versions and as I look at Avery I feel like she is a little individual.....but today she did something I totally used to do. She was asked to clean her room and she did......but as I opened the closet the large pile of toays and clothes spilled out....she had just shoved everything in her closet. I just had to laugh because that is what I used to do all the time when my mom asked me to clean my room. When I got done laughing I told her to do it right and put everything away......she sighed and rolled her eyes and said..."fine mom....geese so bossy."


Hailey has been growing like a weed and my little baby is not so little anymore. She is starting to grab things and tries to sit up on her own. I am just always amazed at the changes she makes everyday. The one thing that has not changed is her smiley, sweet personality. She is such a fun and cuddly girl.
Hailey loves the bath. She is so fun to watch, she loves to kick and splash......Avery loves to help bath Hailey and she always wants to sing the "splish splash" is pretty cute.
Las Vegas baby! Ya Matt and I spent a week in Vegas and it was awesome. We went for his work conventions and it was a much needed vacation. We left Avery with my parents...and she loved it......and we took Hailey with us. I found out that if you do not want to be noticed in vegas....don't bring a baby. We were smothered by people who wanted to see our little package.

The weather in Vegas was amazing....everything was so green and sunny and then......I had to come home to two feet of snow......oh well it was great while it lasted! On another note Matt, my dad and I are in a competition to loose weight......and by looking at this picture it is much needed...uhh me...not Matt...he is not suffering from baby weight that wont come off. So anyway we just started and guess who has lost weight already......ya Matt...not me....and why is that? Well he told me one of the reasons is that he is so busy at work and does not hubby is so competitive that he will skip meals to win.....he wont even eat second helpings when I offer them to him.......this guy is a rock...I am thinking about adding pure fat to all his meals........just kidding......(sinister laugh)

Also in the life of Avery....she has been acting so obedient since she spent the weeks with my parents....and she wants to help do chores.....I think that has a lot to do with my mom and my thank you ....thank you! Also she has been saying "yes sir and yes mam" I don't know where she got that...but it makes me laugh.


Anniversary Dinner Cheesecake Factory

Last weekend was our 5th anniversary and man how time has flew by and 2 kids later we are one happy little family. Our anniversary sort of falls on a convention for work so we spent 4 days in Vegas being wined and dinned by the big oil guys which I must say steak every night wasn't too bad of a deal. We left Avery with Grandma and Grandpa Nelson and flew out of Boise and when we came back into Boise we stayed with our Aunt Tresa and Uncle Jeff along with Grandpa Erickson. We stayed in Boise for a day and watched some of the girls state basketball tourney which was a good time and also ate at one of our favorite places for dinner and took some pictures of the awesome food.

Even though we didn't really have any time to just ourselves I love spending time with Amie, she is my best friend and even though she thinks I would rather hunt all the time rather than spend time with her she is wrong.......I love her so much and am so thankful for someone that shares a lot of the same hobbies and ideas that I do. Life in the last 5 years would be pretty bland without her and she is an excellent mother, wife and friend I could ask for. Thanks for all you do!!