Christmas Eve 2013

 This year we spent Christmas Eve at house with the Berry clan.  Matt's Uncles and cousins were able to come and we had a fun house full.  Matt's cousin has a house full of girls just like us and it was so fun to see how fast they became buddies.

 All those cute girls!!!
 This was also our first Christmas with Josh in two years and his first time celebrating it with Mattie.
Of course we had to do our annual Christmas pajamas.  Then read a book called Christmas in Idaho that Nanna had sent us.  We left out the cookies and carrots for Santa and the reindeer, and left the key out for Santa.  The girls went right to bed but made sure they got to listen to their special Christmas music.

I really love this time of year.  I love getting into the Christmas spirit, working on projects and gifts, making goodies, and feeling closer to my Savior. I love all our little traditions and this year we started a new one.  We decided we would pick someone we could be a secret Santa for. 

This idea came to me after I had parent teacher conferences with Avery's teacher and found out she was struggling to get along with another girl in her class.  This girl does not have the cutest clothes, struggles with hygiene, and does not have an ideal parent situation.  I tried to tell Avery how important it was to be her friend and look past these things but I felt that my words would not change the situation.  I knew we needed to find a way to serve her.

So we decided to get some presents for her and drop them off at her house anonymously. Avery donated some of her nicer clothing and then used her own money to buy her some pants to go with the tops.  We also bought her a few other things but the big thing was Avery's sacrifice.  She had been saving her money to buy an American Girl Doll and by using her money put her even further back from this goal.  I was surprised to see she did not really mind that and was happy to serve this friend.

I hope and pray that night as Matt went with Avery to drop of the Secret Santa bag that she learned a few lessons.  I want my daughter to see the world around her and see the needs of others, be less selfish and more giving.  I want so much for her....I hope that by doing these little things she will learn whats really important in this life....


Sadie said...

Such an awesome mommy! What a great way to teach Avery a very important lesson. Way to go!