Hailey Turns 3

 Mattie....she is teething...and starting to crawl...needless to say she is a handful!
 We celebrated Hailey's birthday on Monday and kept things pretty simple.  We are doing a combined birthday with her cousin on Sunday so instead of cake we just went out to eat and got some yummy dinner and dessert.  The owner of the restaurant is a good friend and when he found out it was Hailey's birthday he brought out an ice cream sundae with a candle as well as a  large antique megaphone and told the whole restaurant that it was her birthday and we all sang to her.  She was a little embarrassed.....but got over it when she got to eat her ice cream.
 Her main gift was this princess costume.  Hailey loves princesses and loves to dress I thought this outfit would go over well.  When she opened it she got so excited and squealed with delight.  She has worn that outfit everyday since she got it.
My funny toothless child.  Poor girl...I forget that she can't eat certain foods because her front teeth are missing  and can't chew them.  I told her to eat an apple as a snack the other day and she just looked at me and said, "uhmm how...I have no teeth to bite it!"  I guess I forget what it is like to be toothless.