House update

 Prepping for the stucco and rock.  I love my black door...now lets hope my stucco color looks as good as I hoped it would.

 My kitchen...The floor is not finished...but I love my dark wood floors.
 The garage...the floors in here are covered...but they are a beautiful stained concrete...I love it!
 My front door.
 A view into my kitchen and dinning room
 Mattie's room...I love her little window seat.  My carpenter designed it and made little compartments to store toys....it should come in handy.
The living room....I was surprised to see my paint.  It was supposed to be all grey..but it has a tint of blue in it....it has taken a bit to get used to ...but I think I really like it.


Caleb and Rachel said...

I love new houses. I am so excited for you guys, it really looks beautiful and I love the window seat. Good luck on all the final touches.

Mekala Bingham said...

It's all turning out so nice! I'm so excited for you guys! Love your floors!

Anonymous said...

I hear ya on the paint colors. One of our bathrooms I was expecting to be gray and it turned out quite blue. We're hoping to be in ours by Christmas. What about you guys?