Summer Fun

 So Avery's softball is over.  Sadly her season ended earlier then we would have liked.  Just before her tournament she was pitching a softball to her older cousin who accidentally hit the ball right at her and fractured her hand.  The poor girls hand was so swollen and bruised and she had to sit out and watch her team play without her.  I was just grateful we did not have to cast it.  She is supposed to keep off  it but that is not happening :)
 My little monster.  I just had to post this because it is classic Mattie.  She is either being super cute and happy or super mad.  The kid can scream her head of those horror film drives me crazy.

 We also have been doing the reading program at the library this summer and my girls love it.  They mostly love the prizes they get every week.  I enjoy reading some of my favorite books with them from when I was a kid.
 We did swimming lessons at the end of June and the girls had a blast and love to swim.  We got a pool pass  and we try to go anytime the weather is warm...Mattie is probably my biggest fish...she is already trying to swim and wants to do it on her own.  We also had Matt's cousins with us for two weeks and then my cousin came to stay with us for the summer so at one point we had six girls staying with us...I was just grateful we have more then one bathroom.  We also made a trip to the zoo with the girls.  The last time I was at the zoo I had to explain some inappropriate behavior from some monkeys to my kids and this year it was from some very big turtles.  Hailey kept asking why the giant turtle kept trying to wrestle the other turtle?
 We have also been going to the park a lot.  It is much more fun now that Caitlyn is here with us.  I like to call her my rent-a-teen she is great with my girls and they really look up to her.

The nice perk about having teens in the house is my girls hair actually gets done.  Samantha is so great about doing everyone's hair and helping them get ready...I am ready to have her come stay with me again.