More Birthday Pics

Avery showing of her scented bubbles!
My mom sent Avery a photo of the Nelson clan and she was so excited when she opened it up. She showed all her cousins and started naming off people in the was pretty cute.
Josh got Avery a pink baseball glove and ball. She loved it!
We also got Avery a basketball hoop....she was practicing some pretty sweet dunks. The kids got some skills:)


tball said...

Looks like a great party! LOVE the pink baseball glove...can't imagine who in the Berry family would think of getting her that (and surpised she only got one w/ all the baseball fans). Avery is growing up so fast...
The cake and cupcakes look awesome, Amie...I have quite a sweet tooth, so am wishing I was at the party. :)

rigby ericksons said...

That is ao funny a two year old girl getting a basketball hoop and a baseball glove! Not the most typical little girl gifts. I LOVE IT, teach her young! I guess being a member of the Berry clan it's kind of like a right of passage, like my kids getting their first rope. My kids had a ball at her party.

Happy Birthday Avarey!!

rigby ericksons said...

I really do know how to spell her name!!