Where has time gone?

Mattie had her 2nd birthday in February and as the months have gone by I realized my baby is not a a baby anymore.  She is officially a little girl with attitude, opinions, mischievousness, and a silly sense of humor.  She loves all Disney Princesses and loves to sing their songs.  She loves Ariel and her Minni Mouse and she loves to dress up. She wants to be totally independent and just like her older sisters.  She is so unique and wonderful and a handful all at the same time.

She is my only child that refuses to cuddle me and giving affection to others has to be on her terms.....being rejected daily by a two year old is something I should be used to by now but is still pulls at my heart strings when it happens.  Everyday with her is a new adventure, I never know what side of her I will get and she constantly keeps me on my toes.  While she may be a handful at times she also has a sweet and loving side that melts my heart.  She loves to tease, wrestle, and be my big helper.  Being a parent is an adventure and I love getting to experience all the new stages my girls are going through.

 This is what she does when she chooses not to do something.

The rare moments when she actually snuggles with me.


MaMa Nelson said...

"Where has time gone" is what I asked myself in our quiet house. Sure was good to see all of you last week. These are great times Amie. Your a great Mom. Thanks for posting these beautiful picture. I will return often when I get lonesome.